OIDE is the title of Jörgen Axelvall’s latest art project. The work in this serieshas evolved over the course of many years and consists of both new and old images with varying subject matter but all are united by the unique method; how Axelvall treated them, and all images are done using Polaroid instant film.

The project and the concept came about from Axelvall’s fascination with details and his love for abstract imagery. What you see in the finished image is a mere fractional detail of the original Polaroid.

OIDE is a Japanese word and expression and translates roughly into “come closer” - as in how a mother would call to her child when she wants to share something important or when she would want to keep her child in a safe and close proximity.

OIDE, when used as the title for this project, refers to Axelvall’s attempt to bring the viewer closer into the images and see the secrets being revealed once you focus on a detail. There is nothing random about the selected detail. It has been done very carefully in order to find a visually interesting composition and the right esthetical balance. At the same time the final images remain true to the original Polaroid, without any color alterations or digital manipulation. An important aspect of this series is Axelvall’s desire to challenge the way we look at photographs. Photography can be so much more than a depiction of reality. The word Photography literally means, “drawing with light” and some of these images can be seen as nonsensical abstract drawings where as others give you a clear hint of a face or a portrait. The “real picture” in these photographs is not important; the viewer’s own perception, feelings and fantasy are.




OIDE(おいで)という⾔葉は英語で ”come closer” に値します ̶ ⺟親が、なにか⼤切なものを⼦供と分ちあいたいときや、すぐそばに安全で居させるために⼦供を呼ぶときに使う⾔葉です。


アクセルバルは、このシリーズを通して私達の写真への⾒⽅に挑戦したいと考えています。写真は、単なる現実の描写以上になり得るはずである。写真(Photography)という⾔葉が⽂字通り意味するのは、「光によって描く(drawing with light)」ということであり、今回のシリーズには、顔写真やポートレートがある中に、意味を読み取れない抽象的に描かれたものもいくつか存在しています。ここにある写真の中の「実像」は重要ではない ̶ ⾒る者⾃⾝の知覚、感情、そして幻想こそが⼤切なのです。

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